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11 June 2006 @ 08:59 am
RP Log: ic!Brooklyn and ic!King  
Backdated to 22 May 2006.

Brooklyn sighed, staring ahead before leaning down. The way Garland had acted had completely changed his mind, the way his breath shortened everytime he touched him.

King gazed calmly at Brooklyn from the upper storey of the house, noting the absence of sadness from the psychic. Seems like the Landlord was going to fight for him too.

Brooklyn leaned back, sighing slightly as he gazed up, seeing King's gaze. The other made him almost nervous, not knowing what he was thinking.

King gave a slight smirk at the psychic, seeming as though he had sense his slight unease. "How're you?" he murmured calmly, moving down the stairs as he approached Brooklyn.

"Fine," Brooklyn said, glancing at King. "Garland mentioned that he had talked with you."

"Ah," King moved behind Brooklyn, practically purring into the psychic's ear. "And what did he say?"

Brooklyn sucked in a breath. "He said he wasn't going to give me up without a fight."

"That's good," King murmured softly, his visible amethyst eye still trained on Brooklyn. "I look forward to fighting for you."

Brooklyn locked his gaze fully on King, suddenly feeling uneasy in his pressence. Especially with his talk about him being the prey.

King smiled slightly, feeling that unease increase. He reached out, brushing the ginger bangs from Brooklyn's face, expecting the psychic to react harshly.

Brooklyn pulled back slightly. "King... what are you doing?"

The bright amethyst eye narrowed slightly. "I just want to apologise...for describing you as a prey."

Brooklyn's gaze flickered over to King, "Isn't that what I am? Something for you to fight over?"

"Of course not," King reached out to caress Brooklyn's cheek. "You're an angel, and not just anyone's angel. You're your own, no one else's. I must apologise for my hasty use of limited vocabulary the other time."

His lips parted slightly Brooklyn tried to back away from him. "King..." he paused, as he felt King so close to him, his heart beginning to pound.

"Sweet angel..." he whispered softly, inching closer towards Brooklyn, his eye holding that rare serious determined glint again. "Won't you accept my feelings for you?"

Brooklyn leaned fully back as his lips trembled slightly, feeling King pressed against him. "King... don't make me do this."

King smiled slightly, his eye lingering on Brooklyn's lips for a moment. Without another thought, he moved close, pressing his lips against Brooklyn's, feeling the angel's softness.

Brooklyn laid fully back, feeling King press against him. He gently returned it, mentally fighting against it. He couldn't do this, he loved Garland. But he returned it gently regardless.

King ate at that soft pair of lips, savoring that warm sensation as he cautiously wrapped his arms around the psychic. He wanted to enjoy this fully - this could be the last time he could ever touch the angel like this.

Brooklyn moaned lightly at the touches, his mind rebeling even as he responded, his lips parted slightly as he felt the warmth.

Seizing that opportunity, King's tongue flicked out, thrusting into Brooklyn's mouth as it curled around the psychic's tongue, sucking on it for a moment.

Brooklyn moaned, trying to push King back. "No... King," he murmured against his lips. "Don't make me do this."

King took no heed of Brooklyn's weak protest, knowing that the psychic was torn between staying loyal to his lover and continuing on with him. His tongue flicked out over Brooklyn's lips, trailing gently over the softness.

Brooklyn squirmed slightly, wanting to get out of King's grasp. However he knew he couldn't escape. He didn't want to be disloyal to Garland but King wouldn't let him up.

King trailed his fingers over Brooklyn's back, moving downwards to just above his ass, caressing the area slowly. He slipped his tongue in between Brooklyn's lips again, dragging his housemate into another deep kiss.

Brooklyn moaned, trying again to push King away as he squirmed, trying to tear away from his lips. He needed to get out, away before King forced him to be disloyal to Garland.

King nipped gently at the beautiful angel's lips, his fingers shifting from Brooklyn's bottom to his crotch, caressing it for a moment.

Brooklyn moaned in response, his body halting its fight and instead arching towards King as his mind cried out, screaming at his body to fight against his advances.

King smiled slightly as he felt Brooklyn pressed back against him, quickening his stroking pace in between Brooklyn's legs in response.

"Please stop," he whispered as he buried his face in the couch pillow beneath him, trying not to cry even as his body reacted to King's handling. He was just wishing he would stop before he made him turn on Garland.

King hadn't heard Brooklyn's pleading, his fingers dancing over Brooklyn's crotch as he pressed kisses to the psychic's face, wanting to savor this for as long as possible.

Brooklyn gasped as the tears fell, trying harder to escape from King but his body continued to respond eagerly to each of the touches, rubbing his erection against his hand.

King's eyes widened slightly as he caught the sight of Brooklyn's tears, stopping all his actions as he gazed at Brooklyn with concern, one hand gently wiping away the tears.

"Please... just stop," Brooklyn whispered, pulling away from him. He didn't want this. Didn't want the two men he cared about to start a war over him. He'd rather live alone without anyone than watch that happen.

King pursed his lips, running a thumb over his finger, the finger wet with Brooklyn's precious tears. He gazed painfully at Brooklyn, sighing softly. "I'm sorry, I got too carried away..."

Brooklyn pulled away, an injured look on his face as he tried to escape. "Just... don't touch me."

King gazed down at that, nodding as he got up. Don't touch me. It seemed that the angel had rejected him.

Brooklyn pulled far away, retreating to his room. He just wanted to escape from this whole mess, get away from them both. In the end he knew the only one hurt would be him.