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15 June 2006 @ 12:23 pm
RP Log: ic!Brooklyn and ic!King  
Backdated to 28 May.

Brooklyn had never been so lost and confused in his life. King wasn't relenting and then the letter. One last chance... He didn't know what to do. He nearly cried out to be surrounded by his lover, but Garland.... He couldn't leave Garland. Sighing Brooklyn rubbed his eyes as he swallowed a handful of pills. Only Garland knew about this. The drugs.

King was sitting on the couch, gazing out into the distance. His cocky, teasing exterior had changed, and now he was just silent, moody and contemplative. He had seen Brooklyn's journal entries and he didn't know what to make of the psychic's reluctance to leave Garland. He understood he wasn't good enough, he understood that Brooklyn trust Garland more because they had spent much more time together, but he couldn't help feeling upset over this.

Brooklyn sighed as he came down the steps, his sad gaze straight ahead as he took in a deep breath as the feeling from the drugs washed over him. They passed over as he slowly exhalled, heading down the steps.

King turned slightly at the sound, his empty gaze landing on Brooklyn for a moment. Should he leave? Should he stay? He just didn't know how to behave around the sweet angel anymore.

Brooklyn's gaze landed calmly on him for a quick moment before turning away. He felt that King didn't know the truth about him and would leave the moment he did. He wasn't as innocent as he put forth. That alone tempted him. What he told King of his addictions? It would hurt to see King turn away, even thinking about it made Brooklyn's heart wrench. He just couldn't leave Garland. He couldn't betray his trust like that.

King gazed down as the angel turned away his gaze. Had Brooklyn already decided on choosing Garland over him?

"How can you say you love me when you know nothing about me?" Brooklyn finally asked, his voice barely a whisper.

King kept his gaze low, "I want to know more about you. But you won't let me get close to you."

"I'm not perfect... I'm not innocent.. what could you possibly see in me?"

"I'm not looking for perfection, and neither is innocence what I seek," King sighed. "It's the real you that I want to reach out for."

Brooklyn clenched his eyes shut. "You want to know the real me? I'm a kid pulled off the street, dirty and filthy. I'm an addict of the worst type, name any type of drug I've probably done it. I shoot myself up with them every couple of hours. I was dragged from a mental institute to serve as a blader. Those headaches.... they're because I don't have proper medication. I'm a wreck, I drink and smoke on a regular basis and I've slept around more often than you could possibly imagine. I don't know how many STDs I have because I was afraid to get tested."

King gazed at Brooklyn for a long moment, standing up to face him. It was a shock, hearing Brooklyn reveal everything about himself. He stared at the psychic for a long while, mentally reminding himself of Brooklyn's words. Don't touch me...
He clenched his fist, biting on his lip as he raised his hand - and caressed Brooklyn's cheek gently. He didn't care if Brooklyn hit him or anything. He wanted to help the sweet angel.

Brooklyn tried to jerk away, reminding himself to stay loyal to Garland. It was Garland who helped him through the worst and Garland who accepted him. "Please King... you can do so much better than me."

"I want to...help you," King whispered softly, pain eating at his heart at how Brooklyn had treated himself. "You shouldn't be living a life like that. I want to rescue you from that."

Brooklyn jerked his face away from King's gentle touch. "Please... just let me be."

King shook his head slowly, moving to wrap his arms around Brooklyn's body, not giving a single damn about the consequences. "I'd rather kill myself than see you deteriorate further. I'm going to help you get through this."

Brooklyn froze at that, seeing his entire plan shatter apart as he drew in a breath. He had hoped to chase King away but instead he showed him a kindness he had never felt in his life.

"So, don't try pushing me away anymore, all right?" King whispered softly, nuzzling gently at the soft warm hair. "I've given you my word. And I'm going to keep it. You've got to do your best as well, you can get through this."

Brooklyn tried to pull away, nearly breaking down at the show of kindness but the last of his resolve held on to the loyalty he had given to Garland. Finally he shoved King away. "Why do you think I need your saving?"

King simply glanced away with a small smile. "Because you're crying out for help."

Brooklyn pulled away, finally collapsing on the couch. That had been his last plan.

King sat next to Brooklyn, giving the psychic his much-needed space by staying a little distance away. "You're still taking those drugs, right? There's some drug rehabilitation centers around the area."

Brooklyn sighed, resting his head against his hands. "Why can't you just leave me alone? Why do you stay even though I tell you everything?"

"Because I want to save you. I've told you before, I love you and I'm not going to let you fall deeper into that pit. I'm going to bring you back up into the light."

Brooklyn sighed, leaning back. Garland had never been like that before. Had he made a mistake? Was his mind desperately trying to tell him to leave Garland?

King glanced down for a moment, turning slightly away to take his protective charm off his neck. He quickly stuffed it into the couch, mentally reminding himself to take it up later, "Before you think this is a trick or anything, I'm going to get out of my protection and let you see all that's in my mind. I trust you with my thoughts, likewise you should try and trust me."

Brooklyn took a deep breath, feeling Zeus wince away from the light of the medallion. He nodded slightly, reaching into King's mind.

King didn't really know what to expect, never having encountered a psychic. He had expected that he would be seeing everything that Brooklyn was browsing through, his memories, his thoughts and his emotions replaying.
He gazed up uncertainly, wondering if Brooklyn had already started feeling his thoughts.

After a few moments Brooklyn gently pulled from his mind, his gaze locking on King for a moment.

King gazed back intently on Brooklyn, wondering if the psychic was already disgusted with his wayward ways, his ability. He remained silent, waiting for Brooklyn to speak.

Brooklyn stayed quiet, glancing away for a moment as he sighed. He didn't care about King's ability, not being exactly normal himself.

King sighed with a brief smile, laying back against the couch as he gave the angel time to organise his thoughts and everything else.

Brooklyn finally nodded, his gaze clearing slightly of the confusion. "I guess I need to get tested."

"I'll accompany you," King offered. "I'm always free during the day."

Brooklyn sighed, leaning back as he shut his eyes, almost afraid of what the tests would tell him.

King reached over, giving Brooklyn's hand a tight supportive squeeze.

Sighing slightly he glanced back over at King for a moment before lying back on the couch. He knew he probably wouldn't be allowed to stay alone after this.

King glanced away for a slight while, a little disappointed that Brooklyn hadn't decided to give him a clear stand, whether he wanted King or not. He shook his head slightly at that, telling himself to give the angel some time first.
"Just call me if you need anything, all right?"

He nodded slightly, rolling over to his side as he stared straight ahead, his mind full of questions and only one answer. His answer to King's pleas to become his.

King smiled slightly, slowly taking the amulet from the couch, taking care to keep it out of Brooklyn's sight as he prepared to return to his room.