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15 June 2006 @ 06:19 pm
RP Log: ic!Brooklyn and ic!King  
Backdated to 29 May 2006.

King adjusted his jacket, having left his charm in his room. No doubt the things would come after him again if he went out with Brooklyn later, but this was just a small price to pay in return for being able to keep Brooklyn company. His gaze flickered up to Brooklyn's room for a moment, wondering if the beautiful angel was ready.

Brooklyn shut the door to his room as he headed down the steps, glancing over at King for a moment as he gave him a nod, sighing slightly.

King gave a brief smile in return, waiting for Brooklyn at the door before silently following the psychic out of the house.

Brooklyn didn't smile, too worried about what the day had in store for him. He sighed, glancing ahead as he walked in silence down the road.

King followed behind Brooklyn, keeping his gaze low to avoid looking at the otherwordly pedestrians on the pathway.

Brooklyn finally glanced back at King for a moment. "You didn't have to come." Garland wouldn't have...

"You don't have to face this alone," King murmured with a slight smile. "I want to be there for you."

Brooklyn nodded slightly as he stepped into the clinic, feeling the stares on him as he signed in.

King waited patiently at the side for him, staring back at whoever was leering at the sweet angel.

Finally glancing up, Brooklyn glanced over at King for a moment. "You want to know my choice, don't you?"

"Yes..." King admitted, knowing clearly it was useless to lie.

"I don't know," he whispered. "But Garland has never been so kind to me," he sighed slightly. "I'll leave him..."

King sighed slightly with a smile, nodding at that. "It's your choice, and I respect it fully."

But will you want me after this? Brooklyn calmly thought to himself as he was called up for the bloodtests.

King gazed at Brooklyn, wondering if the angel would mind if he followed him in.

Brooklyn glanced back, giving King a nod as he was led to the back room and the nurse took a needle, readying several needles. "You won't know the results until the tests are finished tomorrow morning."

King followed Brooklyn in, gazing at the needles as he stood by the psychic's side.

Brooklyn remained calm, not even flinching as the needle punctured his arm. He was used to needles, having used them on himself daily.

King winced slgihtly, watching the sharp end of the needle puncture the angel's skin.

Brooklyn smiled slightly as the blood flowed into the vials at a fast pace, the nurse placing a bandage on the wound as she withdrew the needle and put it in the sharps disposable.

King sighed slightly, gazing at Brooklyn intently.

Brooklyn glanced over, smiling at King as he stood. "It's fine."

King blinked at the smile, returning the unexpected greeting with a smile of his own. "That's good then."

Brooklyn nodded as he headed for the door. Tomorrow he would find out if he was really fine.

King headed out after Brooklyn, bracing himself for their own Judgement Day and hoping for the best for Brooklyn.

Brooklyn sighed, glancing back at King. Twenty-five different sex partners. He wasn't even able to hope for good news.

"You'll be fine," King whispered with a soft smile, reaching to grasp Brooklyn's hand.

Brooklyn nodded, feeling the warmth of King's hand comfort him.

King reached over, nuzzling Brooklyn's soft warm cheek gently, wanting to comfort him.

Brooklyn smiled, stiffening slightly at the contact and then relaxing as he glanced at King.

King smiled back, squeezing the angel's hand tightly.