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15 June 2006 @ 09:44 pm
RP Log: ic!Brooklyn and ic!King  
Backdated to 30th May 2006.

Brooklyn was staring at the phone all day, anxious and worried. He ran his hand through his hair, blinking for a moment and then returning his gaze onto the phone when it finally rang.

King's gaze flickered to the phone, his eyes following Brooklyn's actions as his heart pounded, waiting for the results and waiting to see if his prayers had been answered.

Brooklyn stood up, picking up the phone as he answered it. "Hello?" After long moments of silence, his face paled considerably, the phone slipping from his hand.

King's eyes widened at that, his mind going blank for a moment. He snapped back to reality, watching the psychic's face turned pasty and instantly knew what the results were.

Sitting down before he collapsed, Brooklyn let the phone hang off the hook, letting his head hang down between his knees, the tears slowly starting to form.

King quietly sat next to Brooklyn, hanging up the phone as he gently squeezed the angel's shoulder, throwing every form of verbal abuse he knew against all the heavenly powers within his knowledge. Why were they so unfair? Why did they have to let Brooklyn suffer?

Brooklyn stared straight ahead, still disbelieving though knowing with his lifestyle it was to be expected. He still couldn't believe it. How could he have AIDs?

King kept his grip on Brooklyn's shoulder, his heart hurting all over at the fact that Brooklyn had tested HIV-positive, wishing he could do something to help cure Brooklyn.

Brooklyn leaned back, sighing as he gazed up towards King, shaking slightly still with supressed sobs.

King gazed back painfully at the angel, his hand moving to caress Brooklyn's soft cheek, the tears already trailing down his own cheeks.

Brooklyn sighed as he finally dragged to his feet, his sad gaze looked straight ahead.

"Brooklyn," King whispered as he stood up after the psychic, facing him squarely even as the tears flowed freely.

Brooklyn faced him, sighing as he looked at King for a moment. "You can't help me."

"Go for the treatment," King murmured. "It'll help you live longer. Please...?"

Gazing at him Brooklyn took a deep breath. "Why do you keep trying?"

"Because," King gazed into those beautiful teal eyes. "I love you."

"But... I'm dying," turning around, Brooklyn stared at the ground. He knew the stories but never believed he could get it.

King reached out, grabbing Brooklyn's hand. "Then let me die with you."

"No..." Brooklyn pushed him back, shaking his head. "Don't do this King."

"Brooklyn..." King whispered painfully, his eyes clouding with tears again. "I'm not going to let you suffer alone."

He turned away, shaking his head as he glanced at King. He didn't want anyone to suffer with him. They deserved a better life than that.

King squeezed the psychic's hand tightly, not about to let him go. Brooklyn was his only life now, he was too far estranged from his own family and he barely had any friends or jobs to speak of.

"Please... I don't want you to suffer with me," he whispered, turning his head away.

"Then...at least let me stay by your side. Let me take care of you..."

Finally sighing he nodded, gazing back at King for a long moment.

King gave him a smile of happiness, one tinged with sadness and despair. "Promise me you'll kick your habits and go for treatment."

He nodded in return, taking a deep breath as his gaze landed on King. He had learned his lesson, but too late.

King gazed back at Brooklyn, his eyes lingering on the angel's beautiful black-white wings curling behind his back, the wings that no one else could see. "Don't worry, I won't leave you. Never."

Brooklyn nodded his head slightly, gazing away but there was one thing that confused him. Why hadn't he felt anything? Shouldn't he at least be sick? There was nothing besides the nights he spent sweating and the headaches.

King silently accompanied the psychic back to his room, not content with simply helping Brooklyn with the treatments and rehabs. There must be something else he could do somehow.

Brooklyn lay in silence on his bed, still trying to get his mind around what he now knew. He curled up, clenching his eyes shut.

King made his way into Brooklyn's room, sitting on the edge of the bed as he gently held the angel in his arms, wanting to comfort him.

Brooklyn sighed as he finally allowed himself to lean into King's arms.

Wrapping his arms around Brooklyn's body, King leaned in, nuzzling against the soft cheek.

"What is it that keeps you here," he said in a whisper. He was sure once the news got to Garland he would leave him.

"My love for you," King murmured simply, certain that this simple and repetitive answer would only elicit a frustrated sigh from the psychic.

Brooklyn just shook his head, not understanding King's stubborness. The simple answer just confused him more. Didn't Garland love him? Then why wasn't he as stubborn as King was now?

King smiled slightly, pressing a soft kiss to Brooklyn's sweet lips. "Don't think too much about this right now. Just know that I'll be here for you everytime."

Brooklyn nodded as he laid in King's arms, for once in his life feeling safe.

King smiled slightly, closing his eyes as he hugged the angel close, savoring every moment he had with him.

Brooklyn rested his head against King's chest, finally letting his weary mind go as he shut his eyes.

King gently nuzzled against the sweet angel, mentally making a promise to him, to always stay by his side, no matter what happens. His only other focus was Garland, wondering how the other would react, if the other had actually caught the disease from Brooklyn.