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16 June 2006 @ 10:00 am
RP Log: IC!Rei and IC!King  
Backdated to 1st June.

King walked down the street, heading to get some nicotine gum and patches for the sweet angel. Smoking was already a hard habit to kick, and coupled with the angel's depression over the fact that he had tested HIV-positive, it seemed impossible for him to stop the harmful habit.
He glanced up for a moment, keeping his eyes away from the things moving around him, all attracted to him now that he had removed his own protection.

In front of him at the counter there was a tall teen getting a pack of cigarettes. He handed over the money, snatching the pack of cigarettes from the counter.

King rolled his eyes in disgust. Here, he was helping Brooklyn stop smoking and all around them were second-hand smoke from just about every other smoker. It would seem to King that the smokers were tempting Brooklyn to pick up the habit again. And second-hand smoke was just damn irritating in the first place.

Rei turned away, starting to walk as he slammed into King, turning to stare down at him. "King?" He said, looking down at him as he held out his hand. "It's been a long time since our last time messing around."

King narrowed his eyes at the other teen, wondering why the hell this person was acting so chummy with him. "You bump into someone and then you start treating that person like a longtime friend?"
It puzzled him greatly, how this teen actually knew his name. He couldn't recall if he had any contact with the guy before. And what did he mean by messing around anyway?

Rei paused for a minute. "King? Don't you remember me? Rei... Kai's new plaything?"

King gave Rei a glanceover, looking as though Rei had gone mad or something. "Rei? Kai? Plaything? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Kai, your ex-boyfriend who invited you here to replace me," he laughed slightly, shaking his head. "Not that it worked."

King stared at Rei, getting more and more suspicious by the second, "Ex-boyfriend? I only recall sleeping around, never ever got into a serious relationship till now. And how'd you know my name anyway?"

Rei balked for a moment. "You really don't remember? You dated him for five months and while I was dating him we got drunk and slept around a bit."

"Dated?" King's eyebrows furrowed slightly, becoming increasingly confused. "I've never ever met anyone called Kai before, or Rei for that matter." He glanced at Rei for a moment. "Until you decided that bumping into someone and calling said person a friend was a good way to apologise."

Rei stared, balking at that. "I can call Kai, he'll tell you it's the truth. I got tied to the bed by him because you jumped me. Unless that's a dream."

"Go ahead," King shrugged. "I really don't remember meeting you or anyone called Kai. And now if you excuse me, I need to get some nicotine patches."

Rei blinked for a moment. "You don't smoke. You always gave your cigarettes to me."

"Did I say it was for me?" King rolled his eyes, paying for the stuff.

Rei rolled his eyes in response. "I just don't remember you ever having any friends."

"I don't remember you being my friend," King muttered, receiving the bag containing his stuff. "Now, if you excuse me, I've got to get back."

"I don't remember you having friends," Rei shot back, stuffing his new pack into his pocket, a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

King merely shrugged in reply, not wanting to stay with the wierdo for too long. He quickly made his way back to Brooklyn, wondering how the other would take to the nicotine products he had brought for him.