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20 June 2006 @ 12:18 pm
RP Log: ic!Brooklyn and ic!King  

Brooklyn was still a bit depressed but he was doing alright, or at least as good as he could do being on withdrawal from the drugs. He had nicotine patches but that hadn't stopped him from smoking, especially since he sweat and shook being on withdrawal from everything else. He was a mess to put it lightly. All he wanted was his drugs to feed the cravings but they were gone, so was his much needed wallet to buy more. He was on his last cigarette as well and knew asking for more would probably get him nowhere but scolded. To add to things he had rehab to get to.

King quietly made his way to the couch, gently caressing Brooklyn's cheek for a moment. Of course, he was the reason behind the disappearance of the drugs and Brooklyn's wallet, having entirely cleaned out the psychic's room just to get rid of all those junk. He was pleased that Brooklyn had been turning up for treatment and rehab and was making an effort, somewhat, to get off those things.

Brooklyn blinked his eyes, looking fuzzily at King for a moment, beads of sweat rolling down his back. He felt like crap. "Remind me again why I haven't killed you yet?"

King chuckled slightly at that, taking a towel and wiping off the sweat. "Because I love you?" he hazarded a guess.

Brooklyn forced a smile as he pushed himself back to his feet. He had to remind himself of that every time he felt like crap.

King gave a small smile back, also standing up as he faced Brooklyn for a moment. "Brooklyn, is there any place that you've always wanted to go? Or some place that you want to visit again but never got the chance to?"

"I'll tell you when I'm able to think again," he murmured, rubbing his head. The psychic headaches had gotten worse, especially since all his drugs were gone except for his AZT. That meant no pain killers either.

"All right," King nodded, feeling almost guilty that Brooklyn had to undergo such pain. He sighed slightly, making his way back to his room, telling himself that this was all for Brooklyn's good.

Brooklyn believed it was for his good but that didn't make it any better. Finally he forced himself to his feet, heading up the steps to find King. "I've always wondered what it was like to ice skate."

King raised an eyebrow at that, more at the fact that Brooklyn had dragged himself all the way up to his room than his request. He gave a smile, moving towards Brooklyn, "Would you like to learn how to do it? I know some places, when'd you like to go?"

Brooklyn nodded slightly, glancing back at King with a slight smile. "After my treatment?"

"It's a promise," King smiled, curling his little finger around Brooklyn's.

Brooklyn nodded, sighing as he pulled slightly away from King. "I need to get to the hospital."

"I'll come with you," King said, pulling on a jacket and making his way towards the door before Brooklyn could say anything.

Brooklyn sighed slightly as he nodded, heading outside and walking towards the hospital.

King followed closely behind, stuffing his hands in his pocket as he kept his gaze low, only looking up when they've reached the hospital.

He glanced back at King, sighing as he finally stepped in, holding the door open for the other.

King simply smiled at the other's action, quickly entering after him as he took over and closed the door.

Brooklyn returned the smile gently as he signed in and was led in by a nurse to get his most recent t-cell count.

King sighed slightly as he waited outside, wondering if Brooklyn or the nurse would say anything if he entered as well.

It didn't take long for Brooklyn to come back out, another nurse leading him down the familiar hallway for his treatment. He glanced at King, reaching down to take his hand.

King smiled gently, gripping Brooklyn's hand tightly in return. He trust that Brooklyn would be strong enough to overcome his problems and live longer.

Brooklyn sat on the edge of the hospital bed as the nurse left him, heading to get his treatments and schedule the weekly CAT scan and other tests, watching for the signature AIDs diseases.

King leaned slightly against the wall, gazing intently at Brooklyn for a moment as the nurse left the room.

"I don't know why you insist on wasting your money on these treatments," Brooklyn glanced away for a moment. "They won't stop me from dying."

"They will help you live longer," King murmured, "I don't want to let you go so early..."

He sighed, shaking his head. "You know from the first time they checked me my T-cell count was below two hundred. How much longer do I really have?"

King gazed down at that, "I...don't know. I just want for you to live life longer, that's all..."

Brooklyn just shook his head slightly, turning away from King for a moment. Then the nurse returned with his treatment, giving a forced smile.

King sighed sadly, gazing away for a moment as well. All he wanted to do was to help the angel live a little longer, but was that a selfish thing to ask for?

The nurse finally left, heading out the door, the only sound being to sound of her walking down the hallway as they waited for the doctor to tell him his results.

King closed his eyes for a moment, crossing his fingers and hoping that it'd be good news.

The doctor finally entered, glancing at the two. "Your t-cell count is one hundred, meaning there's no way you'll be able to fight diseases. But you seem to be clear of all signature AIDs diseases," closing the file he handed Brooklyn another perscription for AZT. "And I'll see you the same time tomorrow."

King kept his gaze low at the doctor's assesment. Brooklyn could say anything he want, but he wasn't going to give up hope on the angel.

Brooklyn gaze flickered slightly as he finally stood up, brushing his hand through his hair. "No reason to stay here."

King merely stayed silent at that, getting up as well as he prepared to follow Brooklyn.

Brooklyn glanced up calmly as soon as they were out of the hospital. "Where are we going?"

"Ice skating?" King murmured softly, "Do you want to take a cab there? It's an ice skating place."

"Is it too far to walk?" Brooklyn turned to look at him, smiling slightly. "It's a nice day."

King raised an eyebrow at Brooklyn's request, smiling slightly as he said, "It's not too far off. We'll walk then."

Brooklyn walked calmly beside King, his gaze on the world around him. He had always loved the outdoors and now it just seemed all the more amazing.

King walked on silently beside Brooklyn, his mind still lingering on the doctor's words. He felt that bringing Brooklyn out right now seemed a little irresponsible, exposing him to all sorts of germs and bacterias and viruses like this.

Brooklyn sighed, glancing down at that. "You think you can lock me in a glass bubble? If you do that what purpose will it serve? I may live longer, but caged. Birds need to be free."

King exhaled softly at that, nodding slightly. "I know, why do you think I'm still bringing you there?"

Brooklyn smiled at that. "Yes, but it isn't irresponsible. I want to be free."

King managed a smile at that, "All right then. Free you shall be."

Brooklyn reached down, taking King's hand as he smiled gently at him.

King returned the smile, gazing at Brooklyn with bright amethyst eyes.

Brooklyn was happy just being beside King. He knew they could never be lovers, or at least not in the traditional sense. He feared passing on the dreadful disease. Not even if by some miracle he live for a hundred years would he allow himself to become intimate with King. It was too dangerous.

King knew that much as he wanted it, he would never be able to get close to Brooklyn the way Garland did. One part of him was disappointed and very much shattered at that fact, but just being able to help him would be good enough. Absentmindedly, he squeezed Brooklyn's hand gently, his eyes concentrated ahead, trying hard not to be distracted by the huge surreally beautiful blackish-white wings flowing behind Brooklyn's back.

Brooklyn turned down, smiling at him. "If I had known before... I never would have done those things with Garland. I just hope he hasn't paid for my mistake."

King sighed slightly at that, "Do you think it's better if we tell him about this? He has a right to know after all."

Brooklyn nodded slightly. "I can't keep it from him. He needs to be tested, and if he's tested he deserves to know who's to blame."

King smiled slightly at that, "Yes he does. But you're not the one entirely at fault, you didn't know you were infected."

Brooklyn clutched lightly at King's hand, smiling. "I can't risk infecting you... ever."

King gave a weak small smile in return, grasping tightly at Brooklyn's hand. He knew it was for his own good, but those words still struck his heart like a dagger.

Brooklyn turned as he pulled King into a tight hold. "You've done everything for me. The least I can do for you is protect you from myself," he whispered, pressing a kiss to King's forehead.

King squeezed his eyes shut at the contact, trembling slightly as he wrapped his arms around Brooklyn, swallowing the painful lump in his throat.

Brooklyn reached down, brushing his thumb lightly over King's cheekbone, tilting the other's head up towards him. "Please, don't shed tears for me."

"No," he whispered softly, reaching up to grasp Brooklyn's arm. "You are the only one who can make me feel, and you're worth every bit of emotion I could ever show."

"Please... don't cry," he whispered, kissing King gently. "I'm not going to die." He had wondered for the past weeks why if he was in such bad shape, why didn't he feel it? The answer came in the comforting form of Zeus. Zeus was taking on the brunt of the attack on his body, fighting it back. He wouldn't die, not as long as Zeus was there, protecting him.

King shuddered slightly against Brooklyn's comfortingly warm body, unable to hold back the tears anymore as they gently rolled down his cheeks. He hugged Brooklyn tightly, not daring to fathom how life would be like without this sweet angel.

"I'm not going to die," he had only to tell Zeus when to stop fighting but seeing King like this suddenly had made up his mind. He wouldn't stop fighting and neither would his bitbeast.

"Please don't," King managed to choke out as he quickly wiped away his tears, ashamed that Brooklyn had to see him in such a weak state. He had to be strong for the angel.

"Don't what?" Brooklyn frowned, studying King for a moment. "Maybe we should go ice skating some other day. You seem too upset."

King smiled at that, "No no. I already promised you, anyway we're reaching there soon."

Brooklyn sighed, nodding his head as he held King's hand.

King sniffled softly, trying to calm down as he held Brooklyn's hand tightly, smiling slightly as he gazed up at a small little building. "This is it."

Brooklyn nodded in return, glancing to smile at King as he followed him.

King smiled back gently, bringing him into the place. There were quite a number of people in the building, some already putting on their rented ice skates and warm clothing.

Brooklyn followed him closely, his hand still holding King's as he glanced towards him.

Quickly registering with the woman at the counter, King led Brooklyn to the rental area, renting out some clothing and a pair of skates.

Brooklyn grabbed his own stuff, sitting on one of the benches as he pulled on the sweatshirt, removing his shoes to put on the skates and tighten the laces.

Finally pulling on the thick jacket, King held on to the railings as he tried stabilising himself, all the while waiting for Brooklyn.

Brooklyn stood up, grabbing the side of the railing as soon as the blades hit the ice, his gaze flickering back to King for a moment.

"Have you skated before? It's been a long time for me," King chuckled slightly, extending one hand towards the angel.

"No," Brooklyn shook his head slightly, taking King's hand. "I never had time."

"It's all right then," King smiled, gripping Brooklyn's hand tightly. "Just hold on tight."

Brooklyn nodded though once he started moving his balance was impeccable, as if he was born knowing how to do everything, just like it was with beyblading, with everything.

King smiled slightly as he slowly relinquished hold on Brooklyn's hand. Ki-chan had mentioned that the angel was a genius, he wasn't wrong.

Brooklyn moved with ease as he took the spot ahead of King, skating backwards, his gaze on the man that gave up so much for him.

King merely smiled back at him, his eyebrows furrowed with worry that Brooklyn might fall or trip.

Brooklyn smiled at that, reaching out to take King's hand. "Don't worry so much about me, I'd be more concerned with you tripping and falling."

King chuckled at that, grasping Brooklyn's hand lightly, "I've fallen down so many times, I'm used to it already."

Brooklyn smiled at that, winding his fingers through King's. "Maybe you should stop."

King raised an eyebrow at that with a soft chuckle, slowly moving as he held on tightly to Brooklyn's hand. "Yeah, I should..."

Brooklyn led him across the ice with ease, his fingers curled through King's and enjoying the light contact.

King smiled slightly, watching the beautiful wings on the angel's back spread wide as they glided through the ice, for a moment feeling as though he was in heaven.

Brooklyn smiled at him, glancing down at King for a moment as he tightened his grip on his hand.

King smiled back widely at him, taking in Brooklyn's beauty as he squeezed Brooklyn's hand gently. "Do you like it? Ice-skating."

"Yes," he said with a smile at King, reaching out to stroke King's cheek lightly.

King smiled slightly, pressing back gently against the warm contact, his fingers stroking Brooklyn's knuckles lightly.

Brooklyn kissed King's forehead gently, as he smiled at him. "Would you share a bed with me," he whispered. It was as intimate as they could get, sleeping in each other's arms, and he wanted it badly.

"If that's what you desire," King murmured, pressing a kiss to Brooklyn's chin. "I don't mind too."

Brooklyn nodded, suddenly glancing down as the beeper attached to his belt beeped. There was a strict time when he had to take his medecine, and this was a reminder of that.

King smiled at that, dragging Brooklyn over to their belongings. "Medicine time."

"I know," he said, nodding his head as he grabbed the vial from his bag along with a clean needle still in its package. He sat down, drawing the substance into the needle and then puncturing the blood vessel, giving himself the required shot. Beside the needles and medication sat his beyblade, glowing warmly. Zeus was proud of him, proud he was fighting again. Fighting to live.

King gazed over at the beyblade for a moment, his eyes lingering on the bright glow. He had always thought that the bitbeast was evil, given its dark powers. Seemed that there wasn't necessarily the case.

Brooklyn put the cap back on the needle, dumping it in the trash as he put the vial back in his bag, glancing back at King.

King smiled back at Brooklyn for a moment, slowly getting up to face him. "We still have some time left before returning the equipment. Want to go for another round?"

Brooklyn smiled at that, reaching out for King's hand again. "Let's go."

King smiled back warmly, nodding as he grasped Brooklyn's hand, enjoying the angel's sweet warmth.

Brooklyn led King out to the ice, supporting him as he stroked his cheek gently.

King chuckled softly as he pressed close to Brooklyn's warm body, slowly skating across the slippery ice.

Brooklyn held him close, gliding with ease and mostly holding King up as he wrapped one arm gently around King's waist.

King chuckled at that, reaching out for Brooklyn's other hand as he skated along, "So much for me trying to teach you."

Brooklyn laughed lightly, smiling at King. It had been so long since he had last laughed. "Only one person has ever been able to teach me anything, and that didn't last long."

King smiled widely, enjoying that lovely sound of Brooklyn's laughter and wanting to hear it again. "Who's that person who got the honour?"

"Hiro, he once coached me," Brooklyn glanced back down at him. "It's never happened again."

King chuckled at that, leaning close to Brooklyn's body, "I see."

Brooklyn held him close, stroking King's hair. No one had ever shown such kindness to him. And every day he found himself wanting to get closer to him.

King smiled slightly, turning to gaze at Brooklyn. "Nobody's touched me like this for so long," he whispered softly.

"Maybe you need more help than I do," he reached for King, rubbing his thumb over his cheek,

"Just helping you anyway I can is good enough for me," King murmured, sighing softly at the feel of Brooklyn's thumb on his smooth cheek.

Brooklyn smiled down at him. He only hoped King could recover if Zeus ever ran out of strength.

King smiled back at him, feeling only his and Brooklyn's presence in the ring as everyone else faded into oblivion. If they could stay together like this together, wouldn't it be nice...

Brooklyn glanced down at him, holding King's hand. "Keep track of time," he whispered, resting his hand on King's cheek.

King nodded at that with a quiet sigh, loving the feel of Brooklyn's hand on his cheek and longing for more of the angel's touch.

Brooklyn leaned forward, kissing King' cheek gently as he held him.

King wrapped his arms around Brooklyn's waist, pressing a kiss to his lips in return.

He smiled at that, holding King close, feeling his warm body as he stroked the long hair.

King closed his eyes, hugging Brooklyn tightly as he pressed close, feeling that he might just lose control and break down in public.

Brooklyn smiled, glancing down. "Maybe we should leave."

King blinked rapidly, trying to keep the tears from falling. "Yeah, it's nearly time."

Brooklyn kissed him gently, gazing down at him.

King took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He managed a quick smile at Brooklyn as he made his way back, sitting down as he removed the skates.

Brooklyn removed his as well, taking them back to the rental area.

Adjusting his clothes as he returned the equipment back, he gazed at Brooklyn and smiled slightly. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes," he said with a nod, glancing back at King.

King smiled tenderly at that, nodding as he grasped Brooklyn's hand. "I'm glad."

Brooklyn held King's hand tightly, grabbing his bag as he glanced down at him.

"Back home?" King whispered, curling his fingers around Brooklyn's.

"Yeah," he nodded in return, glancing back at King with a smile.

King nodded at that, silently walking back together with Brooklyn. He was glad that Brooklyn was feeling a lot better than just now, and he looked forward to tonight.

Brooklyn held King's hand tightly, glancing about, watching as the birds flew overhead.

King followed Brooklyn's gaze as well, smiling slightly at the birds. "Birds should be allowed to be free..."

Brooklyn glanced down at him for a moment at that. "Yes..."

King turned slightly, gazing at Brooklyn, "Then fly free. Don't let anything hold you down."

He nodded in return, holding King's hand as he glanced back at him.

King smiled at that, squeezing Brooklyn's hand as he walked on. "Come one, home's waiting."