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22 June 2006 @ 10:19 am
RP Log: IC!King and Zeus  

King sighed as he pulled the covers over the sleeping angel, sitting on the edge of the bed as he caressed the soft ginger hair. He gazed down at that beautiful sleeping form, bending down to quickly press a kiss to Brooklyn's forehead. Brooklyn had suffered so much, but what was it that drove him to that lifestyle in the first place?
He doubt he'd ever ask. The angel seemed to particularly dislike being asked about his past.

A shadow stood over him, his dark wings spread protectively as the eyes landed on the young man that loved his master so dearly. Many thought him evil, being what he was but no, Zeus only tried to do what was best for his master, to protect him.

King gazed up at the shadowy figure, his eyes focused on Brooklyn's bitbeast for a moment. "I kept believing that you're evil, just because of your darkness. I apologise."

Zeus lifted his head, his feathers fluttering slightly with each movement. "You aren't the first."

King sighed, nodding slightly at that, gazing down at Brooklyn again as he brushed his fingers over the angel's cheek. "You must've been with him for a very long time, right?"

He turned his head down slightly at that. "Since he first came into this world, so many years ago, I have protected him."

King gazed up at the figure again, "I thank you for that. Thank you so much."

The black feathers that had fallen rested on the bed as Brooklyn slept calmly. "I wished to protect him from the cruelty of the world... but all he wanted was to fly free, away from my watchful eye."

King managed a small smile at that, recalling his and Brooklyn's similar conversation from few days back. "He doesn't like being locked away. I think it suffocates him."

The giant beast nodded his great head. "I couldn't protect him, so I do it now, now that I fear it is too late for my master. He's learned now, the cruelty of the outside world.

King felt sadness grip his heart as he gazed down at the innocent sleeping face of the psychic. "It's strange isn't it? That humans always need to fall down real hard before they wake up to reality."

The sharp eyes flickered down to his master for a long moment. "Like an insolent child he grew bored of my protection and each day he grew stronger until no one could save him. Then he discovered the outside world and all its cruelities. They would never accept him, being what he was."

King kept his gaze low, caressing Brooklyn's cheek gently. "Was that why he led that lifestyle? Because he was bored of being protected all the time?"

"No... it was born in his blood. His mother was a young girl, his father the man that raped her. She died while trying to give birth, her last prayer to the heavens being to send a guardian angel to protect her child. Growing up with no human companionship does things to you. He grew bitter of his race and cursed his life. He was a brilliant and dangerous child. Those around him didn't accept him for what he was, so he forced them to accept him in many other ways. He squandered his gifts, using them to control people but even that did not satisfy his thirst for acceptance."

King's eyebrows furrowed at that, reaching into the covers to grasp Brooklyn's hand gently. "I...had no idea..."

Zeus glanced down at him. "That only lasted as long as he didn't discover his true powers and from there things grew worse. Boris taught him beyblading and how to harness my strength. He never could get his fill of the raw power. But the disease had already taken him."

King clenched his eyes shut at Zeus' words, squeezing Brooklyn's hand tightly.

"He learned to challenge his hidden rage and once Boris was done the innocent child I once knew was long gone. He was the master and I was his slave, trapped in a plastic bit to power his blade so that he may become all powerful, and make all those that mistreated him tremble in fear."

"I suppose it was during that time he met Garland and the rest of the people living here," King murmured, his gaze still on the sweet angel.

"Yes... he despised them at first, believing they were just the same until Garland reached out a hand in friendship. The first ever to try to befriend him. His walls would not easily be broken but they were lowered, and shattered during his battle with Tyson. After that he slowly began to rebuild himself. In the end, Tyson saved him."

King nodded slightly at that, "I only wish I could be there for him earlier."

"My power has been released from the confines and I have returned to my initial duty of protecting him, but I fear I may be too late. His body is a broken wasteland and I must defend what is left."

"I'll do anything that I can too," King whispered softly. "To protect and help him."

Zeus glanced down at King for a long moment. "He'll need the help. Once he learned of my protection he raged at me, damning me to hell for letting him live. He wants to die..."

King gazed up at Zeus, locking his glance on the great beast. "I won't let him. He's going to live as long as possible."

Zeus' gaze landed on him, looking deep into King as if staring into his soul. "If only such kindness had come to him before, perhaps he would not be as he is today."

"I guess, fate is such a cruel thing," King chuckled weakly, running his fingers over Brooklyn's knuckles.

Zeus nodded his head, the dark wings sweeping around them as he lowered his head. "The darkness in me is a reflection of his heart. Only a miracle can redeem him now."

King sighed slightly at that, lowering his gaze to Brooklyn, "I wonder what that miracle is..."

Zeus finally went back into the beyblade, the center warmly glowing as his powers reached out, continuing his protection over his master, like some hidden guardian angel.

King smiled slightly towards the beyblade, never letting go of Brooklyn's hand as he finally slipped into the bed with the angel. He pressed a comforting kiss to Brooklyn's forehead, his resolve to help Brooklyn stronger than ever.